GOD help us in our journey...AMIN

GOD help us in our journey...AMIN

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thannks to Allah S.W.T for this changes of life

 salam sejahtera semua n seht ke? long time ya not hear from u guys..hehhe first of all
...tak terkata  because this news make me out of control disebabkan terlalu gembiraa..... Alhamdulilah thanks to Allah S.W.T because within 1 month je grad from uitm  terus je masuk kerja... ade alot jugak lah interview kat company within klang valley area.BTW  21st June 2011 around 5pm ...i got call from Ms.Khairul Baariyyah to lapor diri kat company dier..Smart Meters Technologies.... Alhamdulilah jugaklah sebab im totally changes my profile n status daripada status Penggagur Terhormat kepada "Employeee"..hehhee Alhamdulilah.... syukur sangat2..... Thanks to UiTM too because u make me a real n confident person... Also Thanks to my lecturer, friends n not forget to my mum n dad also my family... without you i cannaot stand with this position here..  Now im already called as an Engineer.... (My dream n also my ambition).... now i need to focus with my job, gain a new skills n also take a challanges as an Engineer..... Hopefully i can control the environment here easily, tackle the staff n make a cool situation with customer..... Lastly, thanks to all who are support me...Thanks again....

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